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Pipe Repair Services

Pipe Repair Services

Liberty Plumbing Services offers complete pipe repair services in Charleston South Carolina and includes the usual pipe repair services for sewer and water lines to your home or business.

In the case where the sewer line related problems are overlooked, they become highly troublesome. The fact is simple here; any damage in the sewer line that happens inside the property line of the home owner has to be taken care by the owner, whereas if the damage is outside their property line, the local municipalities handle the issue. If you have determined that the problem is on your property you need to call Liberty Plumbing. There are a lot of reasons that pipe repair services are needed and may cause damages in the sewer lines. A professional plumber is very important for the identification of the problem as well as the cure of the problem.

If the problem is not on your property then it is the responsibility of the state as well as the local municipality to take care of the sewer and water lines. You need to call the number on your monthly invoice for pipe repairs. In most of the cases, these corporations will take care of any problem that is related to the sewer or water lines, but this does not mean that the homeowners can completely neglect it because it could mean disruption in your services or worse.

If you cannot determine whether the problem is on your property or not you will need to call a plumber. He will charge you for the trip out to your location for a service call. Ask how much in advance so that you will be able to pay when the plumber shows up.

In many cases it is not easy to identify the exact location and the cause of the damage. It is important that as soon as the problem occurs you should address it as delays can result in higher repair costs.

The most common reasons that are responsible for the damage are:

  • Withered and decomposed pipelines
  • Root penetration
  • New construction

Pipe repairs maybe possible but sometimes it is not the advisable solution to such damages.  An experienced Liberty plumber can advise you on which is the best course of action to take.

These days the PVC pipes are preferred for putting in water lines. It is so because these pipes are less prone to the popular kind of damages.  Apart from this, it will also help in an early identification of the problems and thus making the process of repairing less expensive.

How to choose the best pipe repair services?

There may be several plumbers and pipe repair services in town that offer pipe repair services, but one should hire the services of only an experienced, licensed and well-known service (such as Liberty Plumbing).  One should check all the license credentials and the experience information about their services.  Most of the information that any customer seeks can be found on the website and if there is any information in detail that is being sought, then the customer can always call the service provider using the number seen on the website.

What are the usual services the plumber offers?

An efficient plumber repair service will undertake all the usually pipe repair jobs like fixing of taps, pipes and unclogging of drains. Along with all these services, the plumber will also undertake installation and repair of  a water heater. It is best to call an experienced plumber in town for any problem associated with the water heater. This is because when the water heater is touched by inexperienced hands then it can lead to more problems then what were there in the first place. You should also have the information about the warranty of the water heater before hiring any appliance repair service or pipe repair services as their maybe limitations or certain companies you must call if under water heater is under warranty, but if there is no warranty you cannot go wrong with calling Liberty Plumbing Services.

Water Heater Replacement

Water Heater Replacement

Hot water is one of those things we don’t really think about until a water heater replacement is needed. Without a working water heater, we can’t get hot water for bathing, washing dishes, or doing laundry. So water heater repairs are something we need to take care of right away.

There are two types of water heaters: gas and electric. The type of water heater you have in your house depends on which energy source your home uses. When the time comes to repair the water heater, the energy source for your model does make a big difference in how you’ll go about repairing or replacing it. We are going to look at how to replace a gas water heater.



Do-It-Yourself (DIY) is a popular way of taking care of home repairs. In order to successfully complete a DIY project, you have to first make sure you have complete instructions and the proper tools for the job. To replace a gas water heater, here’s the steps you have to follow:

  • take out the old water heater
  • drain the water from the water heater
  • connect the flexible pipe
  • connect the new flexible gas line
  • hook up the water supply


Removing The Old Water Heater

The old water heater has to come out before you can put in the new one. You should have a fire extinguisher nearby, just to be safe. The first step is shutting off the gas valve. You’ll need an open-end adjustable wrench for this job. After you’ve shut off the gas, double check it to be sure by looking at the pilot light. It should have burned off if the gas is shut off. Sniff around in the area; if you smell gas, make sure you’ve got the gas valve all the way into the “off” position.

If you’re satisfied that the gas is shut off, turn the pilot switch to its “off” position and disconnect the exhaust pipe located on the top of the tank.

Drain The Water

Locate the cold-water “in” valve and the floor drain. Shut off the cold-water valve, then release the water into the floor drain. It will take a little time for the water to completely drain out of the tank. Use this time to disconnect the gas line from the heater.

Using a second wrench to keep provide counter-torque, disconnect the gas line with your other wrench. Do the same for the cold water “in” and hot water “out” pipes. This will allow some air into the tank, causing the water to drain more easily. You’ll be using new longer flex pipes for the new water heater so temporarily remove the cold-water shutoff valve. You’ll need to shut off the main cold water valve to the home for this. When the water is completely drained, take the old water heater out.


Connect The New Flex Pipe

To install the new heater, first put it into the place of the old heater. Now you’ll need to connect the segments of flex pipe. Using Teflon tape and your open-end wrench, tighten both connectors. Read the instructions on the Teflon tape to learn how to apply it.


Connect The New Flexible Gas Line

You’ll notice there’s a box toward the bottom part of the water heater. This is your pilot box. This is where you’ll connect the new flexible gas pipe. Using Teflon dope (follow the instructions on the can as to how to apply this), create a tight seal. Use your open-end wrench to help you tighten it before trying to remove the old gas fitting on the gas supply incoming pipe. After applying more Teflon dope, tighten the new gas fitting onto the gas supply pipe.


Hook Up The Water Supply

The new water heater will need a water supply connected. To do this, you’ll have to first burnish the fittings on the old water valve you removed earlier.[1] When the new valve assembly is ready, use your open-end wrench in combination with your Teflon tape to connect it to the cold-water flex pipe. Use Teflon tape to connect the hot water flex pipe the same way.

Once the hot water flex pipe is connected, you’re ready to fill the water tank. Turn on the main water valve to the home, then the cold water valve to the water heater. You should hear the water when it begins to run into the tank. While this is happening, reconnect the gas flex line and make sure to reposition to hood over the heater so that it is vented properly. Once the tank is filled, open the gas valve and light the pilot light. Set the temperature where you want it, and you’re ready to go.

Water heater replacement is not a difficult task if you take the time to research how to do it in a safe manner. Do-it-Yourself can be fun, as well as save you money on repairs, but if you cannot do so or simply don’t want to do it we recommend using Liberty Plumbing Services.  Give us a call.

Sewer Repair Services

Sewer Repair Services

More and more homeowners are coming to realize the huge importance of choosing a professional and trustworthy company that offers residential sewer repair services. Having plumbing issues in your home can become quite a frustrating experience, especially if you are not used to having these problems. The truth is that there are many things that can go wrong in a home, from termites invading your sanctuary to earthquakes causing things to topple over. However, plumbing issues appear most frequently. This is why it is of paramount importance to choose a professional & reputable plumbing company in the South Carolina area. A good company can sometimes mean the difference between failure and success, between a solved problem and one that still persists.

If you are still looking for the right sewer repair company around, here are some tips to guide you in the process.

Experienced-Sewer Repair

Probably the most important criterion you need to take into account when choosing a drain cleaning and sewer repair company is experience. A company that has been around for some time has definitely repaired and cleaned many sewers and drains, so they know how to deal with unexpected situations. Additionally, a company with a minimum of 5 years of experience is more stable and offers a higher variety of services.

Sewer Repair-Offers Several Services

A company that is experienced has two choices –focuses on offering a wide variety of services or focuses on providing one or two services 24/7. Here are some services offered by top-quality sewer repair companies in Charleston.

  • Septic Tanks Repair: the septic tank is a watertight box usually made of fiberglass or concrete that feature two types of pipes: inlet and outlet. This is the place that holds wastewater, more particularly sludge solids, liquid sewage and scum. This component is the most important of the septic system, as it is the only way to transport wastewater to the leaching area. The septic tank should be inspected by a professional sewer maintenance company regularly. This helps eliminate solid build-up and prevent clogging.
  • Sewer Jetting: this type of service includes cleaning the drain lines & sewer using high pressure water. This method is used by companies that offer sewer repair services for both residential and commercial customers. Sewer jetting eliminates root blockages, dirt & debris and grease formation on top or crown of pipe. Sewer jetting services are definitely a very important component of the totality of sewer repair services offered by a plumbing corporation.
  • Video Inspection Service: companies that have enough funds usually invest in video inspection services. Using super advanced cameras, they can inspect the interior of all pipelines in your location in order to determine their size and know exactly what kind of materials work best for your plumbing system. A company that offers video inspection services is definitely one that should be checked out.

Proper License

Once you have found a company that is experienced enough and offers all sewer repair services you need, it is important to ensure that it is licensed, insured and certified. Do not hire a contractor that does not possess a valid, up-to-date license issued by the State of South Carolina. Let’s say the plumber damage your lines and floods your kitchen. In this instance, you will only be compensated if he is insured. Otherwise, you will need to pay out of your pocket for internal damages and medical expenses if he got injured.


Lastly, it is very important to consider the costs when choosing a sewer repair contractor. Select a company that offers affordable fees.  Find out what services are included in the final price. Does the fee only cover labor as well as the tools used? What additional services are included in the final price? It is paramount to get everything on the paper in order to avoid potential misunderstandings later on. Nevertheless, do not base your final choice on cost alone, but take into account all other criteria.

The Bottom Line

Do not settle for a sewer cleaning company that is not certified, inexperience or does not offer several sewer repair services. Only work with the best and you will definitely be rewarded on the long run.

Water Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection Services

Water leak detection services can save you a lot of money. You can control the rising energy costs of your home and business by finding and fixing leaks in water supplies. We all know that water is an essential resource that needs to be conserved at any cost. However, most of us are not aware of how much water we lose every day due to leakage. According to Environmental Protection Agency, approximately 1 trillion gallons of water is wasted from U.S homes every year because of undetected pipe leaks, leaking sewer lines, old and rusted pipes, and so much more. These figures clearly highlight how water leakage is responsible for wastage of energy.

Plumbing leaks waste gallons of water, increase water bills and cause damage to belongings and foundations of buildings. Early leak detection will enable you to apply the right repair and stop water wastage in time. Methods used in detecting water leakage differ from one homeowner to another. Here are some of the most common leak detection methods available today.

Dig and Drill Method

The traditional dig and drill leak method is still a popular method used for water leakage detection. This method costs relatively low but leaves lots of hassles. Using this method involves digging the floors and walls to allocate and fix up the leakage. However, some homeowners may disapprove of this method because it leaves marks on the floor with some damages.

Meter detection

The meter detection uses a digital device to search for possible signs of leakage. The process involves adding a water meter at one of the external points. Water pressure makes it possible for the meter to determine where the leakage is located. However, this method does not give 100 % accurate results.

Visible leak detection

All parts of the hosepipe are not put under the wall plasters. In this method, experts try to figure out if any leakage is found at the visible parts of the pipe. They have to examine all visible pipe joints, such as those under sinks and on pipes connecting appliances. Warped cabinet bottoms, stains and cracks are all signs of leaving pipes under or near the floor.

Infrared Thermography

This is the newest addition to water leak detection industry. Many companies specializing in water leak detection use this innovative approach. Though radiation sounds bad for human health and the environment in general, infrared thermography systems applies radiation energy to analyze, detect and allocate leaks in a leaking water line.

A special kind of high tech thermal imaging camera is used to photograph the possible leak areas. Here, the expertise of thermography is extremely important. This is because the accuracy of the leak detection largely depends on how the cameras are handled and what angles are used to take the pictures. After the imagines are taken, they have to be analyzed with other high tech devices. The entire analyzing process is equally important as the taking of pictures. Keep in mind is that only the professionals can detect the leaks accurately.

Infrared thermography has many benefits. Unlike other traditional methods, this method is relatively cheaper. This means you can even afford this high tech leakage detection method as a precautious measurement if you feel threatened by any possible water leaks at your home or office.

Secondly, Infrared Thermography is fully non-invasive and non-destructive. Digging can destroy your decorated floors and walls, which can be very expensive. However, with the infrared method, you don’t have to worry about all that.

Choosing Leakage Detection Specialists

A plumbing issue is one thing you should leave to the experts. Modern water leak detection companies are known for their advanced devices and equipment to trace the leakage in water supply pipes, sewer lines and under the slabs. These technologies surpass the industry standards and offer exceptional quality, along with time and cost saving.

Leaks can occur at any time. Therefore, it’s advisable that you contact only licensed plumbing contractors who can provide you with professional leak search and repair with a fast response time and minimal cost.

Also make sure the company has high qualified staff and a good reputation. You can check online to read some reviews of the company before making a decision. Remember, water leakage can be destructive and expensive. So always, look for a company that provides the best water leak detection services.

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