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Leak Detection

Cast iron water pipe leaking

Cast iron water pipe leaking, 400 mm diameter

Large Diameter Leak Detection

Liberty Plumbing Services is the Charleston leader in main leak detection from searching for a single, difficult to find leak, to multi-line leaks.  Our leak detection technology has been used in many deployments and has been specifically designed to accurately pinpoint leaks in large diameter mains of all material types including pre-stressed concrete pipe, steel, cast iron, ductile iron and plastic pipe.  Liberty Plumbing offers a full portfolio of large diameter leak detection solutions to best meet the specific needs of our clients.


Small Diameter Leak Detection

Repair Leaking Pipe

Plumber using a pipe wrench to repair a leaking pipe under the interlocking bricks walkway.


Do you hear sounds of running water when you aren’t using any water? Has your water bill increased without you increasing your water usage? These signs may indicate a leak. Contact our leak detection specialists for non-invasive, accurate leak detection services.

Liberty Plumbing can quickly and accurately pinpoint leaks in small diameter water mains of all material types including cast iron, ductile iron, and PVC.


What Water Leaks Can Do

  • Flooding which can damage your structure and furnishings
  • Mildew build up with the potential for health problems
  • Sewer backup resulting in having to vacate the property
  • Erosion of the soil supporting your foundation or pool deck
  • Damage to your pocketbook from high water and energy bills
  • The waste of our most valuable resource: water





Services Offered By Liberty

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