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Gas Plumbing Charleston


Liberty Plumbing  Provides InstallationGas Plumbing, Gas Lines, Gas Water Heaters

Repair and Maintenance For

Natural & Propane Gas Plumbing Systems

We Perform Leak Detection

Safety & Carbon Monoxide Tests


Gas Lantern Installation

Gas Lantern Installation


We install gas lines for fireplaces

Gas Fireplaces Installation

  • Supply & Install Gas Water Heaters
  • Supply & Install Tankless Gas Water Heaters
  • Install Gas Plumbing Systems
  • Install Gas Logs
  • Install Gas Lanterns
  • Connect Gas Dryers
  • Connect Gas Ovens
  • Connect Gas Cook-Tops


A gas, tankless water heater is an efficient appliance that uses a heat exchanger to heat water only when it is needed, which can help you save up to 40%* on your energy bill.

Tankless Gas Water Heaters

  • When a gas tankless water heater senses the demand for water flow, such as turning on a shower, the unit begins heating water as it passes through the heat exchanger.
  • Because there is no need for a storage tank-which has a limited supply hot water-you get an endless supply of hot water with a tankless water heater.
  • When the water flow ceases, the tankless water heater shuts down, therefore using less energy by not incurring the “standy loss” associated with tanks.
*As based on the average cost to run an electric tank water heater per the DOE Average Energy Costs (

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